„Cole Train” Sues Gears Of War

Someone believes his personality was used by Epic Games as the basics for Cole Train.

Courthouse News writes about how Lenwood Hamilton, former professional football player and wrestler, sued Epic Games, Microsoft, and voice actor Lester Speight. Hamilton only stepped up to the plate now because he only learned about the game (and Cole Train‘s character) in January 2015, when a friend of his son showed it to him.

Quoting the lawsuit, „The similarities of the avatar ‘Cole Train‘ and Hard Rock Hamilton [Hamilton’s pro wrestling alter-ego] include that both are black (and ‘Cole Train‘ is the only black avatar in the Gears of War series), they both played professional football (although in Gears of War the game is called ‘thrashball’), Cole Train‘s number is 83 (same year that Hamilton played for the Philadelphia Eagles—1983), the derby hat, wristbands, a front gold tooth, and a striking resemblance of both physiognomy and body build.” You can see a photo of Hamilton here.

Speight got involved due to giving Cole Train a similar voice in Gears of War to what Hamilton has. The latter has hired a forensics company in April 2016 for a voice analysis, and the results showed that the two parties share the same voice.

The story doesn’t end there: in 1998, Speight and Hamilton worked together on „Rasta the Urban Warrior,” and this was when Hamilton talked to Speight about a game idea he had. Speight refused to work on it, as he found it too violent.

Hamilton is seeking a „proportional percentage of the profits,” although it’s unknown how Speight ended up taking his idea to Epic (if he even did), let alone how he ended up creating Cole Train‘s voice in Gears of War

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