Resident Evil 7’s Season Pass Detailed [VIDEO]

Capcom keeps trying with the Season Pass.

Resident Evil 7, which recently got some promotion by the Japanese company in the form of a VHS tape and a cassette player (not to mention the experience in London), will expand after the game’s release.

Capcom will put at least seven DLC into the game after the release if we can believe the Steam page. The Season Pass will bring an additional story episode, as well as two pieces of „Banned Footage,” coming with three episodes each.

  • Banned Footage Vol. 1



Ethan Must Die

  • Banned Footage Vol. 2



Jack’s 55th Birthday

  • Additional Story Episode

The base game costs 60 dollars/euros, the Deluxe version with the Season Pass is priced at 90. The Season Pass itself will likely cost more than 30 when the game launches.

On the promo VHS tape, you can see these scenes below. Warning, they are all played at the same time so that it will be some clusterfuck towards the end…

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