Final Fantasy XV Might Come To The PC

The game’s director doesn’t rule out the third platform next to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Hajime Tabata told Famitsu that he wouldn’t just make a simple port of Final Fantasy XV to PC so that the game could utilize the best possible technology on the platform, and he would also be happy to make the PC version support mods. If users can make custom content for the already massive JRPG, it would be a good move. The PlayStation VR-support is still just in development…

The first major DLC, Episode Gladiolus was also confirmed to launch on March 28 in all regions, and the second DLC, Episode Prompto, would follow in June on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The DLC would come with new areas and weapons, and we could use the latter in the base game as well.

So, in June, we’d get the Final Fantasy XIV expansion and the second XV DLC, and July would see the launch of XII on PS4 – isn’t it going to be too much? Still, Gematsu reports that multiple Final Fantasy titles are in development, and we’d still have to wait a lot for VII Remake, as Square Enix still touches up the trailer’s scene…

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