A Lot Of PlayStation 4s Were Sold In The Past Quarter Year

Sony‘s financial reports show a few positive figures.

Although Sony‘s profit has shrunk by over 50% year-on-year due to the Pictures segment of the company (aka they somewhat flopped with movies), sales and revenue have dropped by „only” 7.1 percent due to the impact of foreign currency exchange rates.

PlayStation‘s division, Games & Network, has been flying, of course: 5.2 percent up in sales especially because of increased PlayStation Network subscriptions and PlayStation VR sales. (Still, despite raising the PS Plus price, the games still tend to be questionable regarding their quality…) The roughly 20% profit increase came via the lower cost of PlayStation 4 manufacturing as well as increased PlayStation 4 game sales.

We cap this article with hardware: in this quarter year, 9.7 million (!) PlayStation 4s were shipped to retailers. It’s a 1.3 million increase year-on-year. With this number, the total sales of the PS4 jumped to 57.1 million with the PS4 Pro included.

…but what about the PlayStation VR sales figures?! They are still not included!

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