Nioh: From The World Record To The PVP [VIDEO]

We have never seen Team Ninja’s game get completed this fast.

Distortion2 shows incredible pace in the first video below our article. Despite dying a few times, it’s still an impressive result to get to the end in no less than 96 minutes! That’s the world record at the moment.

The action-RPG will expand by the end of March, as it will now provide hard difficulty missions. The ten types of them will include something that you would call a boss rush in other games. Also, if you end up conquering the AI by that time of the year, get ready for another challenge: at the end of April, PVP will also come to Nioh!

At the end of April, the first DLC will also arrive. Unfortunately, it has no English name yet, and the introduction video is also Japanese, but you can see the new weapon types, missions, yokai, and locations in the second video regardless.

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