World Of Tanks: Will Our Children Play With It?!

Despite Wargaming’s World of Tanks being a successful title, one of the company’s bosses might have said something extreme…

Mohamed Fadl, Head of Global Competitive Gaming at Wargaming, has said the following: „[World of Tanks] competes with any game that is released this year, quality-wise, graphic-wise. Free-to-play games that are at this level, they never get old. Like a body, a heartbeat; every day, they pump fresh blood into the system.” That comment is alright, but he added that World of Tanks could be popular ten, twenty or even thirty years from now.

Let’s just say that it’s an extreme comment. In ten years, World of Warcraft’s popularity has dropped, and even EVE Online ended up becoming free to play with severe limitations. Neither games are even close to being thirty years old, so Wargaming has to plan ahead for multiple years to even get close to that age. After all, who would even play the X360 version of World of Tanks in 2047?!

[source: Gamespot]

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