Bioware’s Mysterious IP Delayed!

Bioware might be in big trouble.

Electronic Arts have revealed during its latest conference call with their investors that Bioware‘s new, mysterious IP has been delayed to FY 2019. What does that mean? It means that the new game could arrive in April 2018 at the earliest, but it could also mean an entire YEAR of delay and be available from March 2019! So far, it was planned to launch by the end of March 2018… oh, and they gave no reason why the game got delayed!

Electronic Arts’ CEO, Andrew Wilson said that the delay has nothing to do with the initial launch of Mass Effect Andromeda. Instead, it’s part of a creative process, in which they want to do something in Bioware‘s game that no other titles could do so.

We’ll see about that, perhaps as early as during EA Play.

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