Is This The End For The Hitman Games?!

With a shock move, one franchise might be dead.

The Japanese publisher has revealed in an urgent statement that after they had an extraordinary loss of about 42.5 million dollars, they decided to withdraw from the business of IO Interactive, makers of the Hitman games. The Hitman reboot’s end of the first season (it was an episodic title) had a typical cliffhanger ending, but without Square Enix, it’s a question whether the Danish developers could continue the plot of Agent 47 or not!

Eurogamer says that if the Japanese company doesn’t find a new buyer, the developers might be fired altogether, and another developer team would disappear into the ether. IO only wrote this on Twitter: „There’s a lot going on right now, and we’ll have more to say at a later point. For now, back to making games.”

The situation is sad, but IO might be saved if someone takes over.

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