SNK Enters GOG

Play classics without DRM being involved!

NEO GEO was an expensive console in the early nineties, but it provided perfect conversions of arcade games for home usage. SNK now moves some of its classics over to GOG, as fifteen games have shown up there. A few of these will also support GOG Galaxy with online multiplayer (!), achievements, and leaderboards.

Baseball Stars 2, Shock Troopers, the Metal Slug series, The Last Blade, Blazing Star, Fatal Fury Special, King of the Monsters, Samurai Showdown II & Samurai Showdown V Special, The King of Fighters 2000 & 2002… some classics, without a doubt.

You can buy these games as part of three bundles (Metal Slug Bundle, Arcade Games Bundle, Fighting Classics Bundle) – buying them separately would give you a 50, while in bundles, they would offer you a 75% discount here.

Playing retro arcade games without emulation or coins? Yes, please!

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