OpenIV Returns To Grand Theft Auto; Fans Can Calm Down

The negative ratings on Steam might be ending eventually after this announcement.

A few days ago, we wrote about how Take-Two hammered down a few paid GTA Online-related sites, as well as OpenIV, which was mostly used for modding. After this event, Rockstar, developers of Grand Theft Auto, have sat down with Take-Two, the publisher, and after their successful talk, OpenIV is back with a new version. Take-Two says it will „generally” not file lawsuits against single player mods, but when it comes to multiplayer and online services, they will continue to be aggressive. OpenIV’s creator, Good-NDS told Motherboard that he was never interested in multiplayer, so it was some players that caused trouble on GTA Online.

At least this story shows that users do have a word, although, on Steam, the ratings are still mostly negative. It will take some time to get things back to normal!

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