The Witcher Receives An Outstanding Documentary! [VIDEO]

It shows how Andrzej Sapkowski’s books converted into CD Projekt RED‘s amazing game adaptations.

A Polish gaming website, has created a documentary, which, going by the thumbnail, is called „White Wolf: The History of [the] Digital Witcher.” Although it’s in Polish, it has English subtitles available, so you should be easily capable of understanding what the developers say.

The video goes into things such as an event at the Kikimore lair at the end of Chapter 3, where you find a letter aimed at the Professor. Here, the developers verbatim quoted Sapkowski. „However, I must insist you cease referring to him as a ‘son-of-a-bitch’—appellations of that nature are entirely inaccurate, inappropriate and painfully primitive.” And this is just a brief segment of a two-hour video!

For the Witcher fans, this video is easily a good time to spend a movie night!

Source: Kotaku

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