[PGW 2017] Blood & Truth: Is It Good To Be An Action Hero? [VIDEO]

Sony kept a few PlayStation VR-related announcements for the main Paris Games Week conference, too.

The game’s being developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s London studio, who put the story on home grounds. Quoting the PlayStation Blog: „Blood & Truth takes place in modern day London against the city’s backdrop of glamour and grit, making it the perfect location for a criminal underworld to inhabit. […] From the moment you slip on the headset, you become Ryan Marks, an elite Special Forces soldier who is on a dangerous mission to save his family from a ruthless criminal overlord. Playing as Ryan, you will come face to face with enemies, uncover secrets and experience the thrill of the chase. Blood & Truth was inspired by […] PlayStation VR Worlds (which has gone on to be one of the top-selling titles with PSVR owners), a range of experiences which included The London Heist. People loved it and reacted positively to everything the game made possible, from the way you could interact with objects in front of you, to how it made you feel as you played through.”

The cinematic experience and the powerful audio is guaranteed, and these could make Blood & Truth, which has no release date, one of the best upcoming PlayStation VR games – only the background story seems to be its weak point. The game got a trailer and an interview below:

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