[PGW 2017] Trailer Avalanche, Part II [VIDEO]

Sony managed to pour so much information out in less than two hours that we still have a lot to recap!

Let’s start with a release date. The E3-announced, SIE Japan Studio-Bluepoint developed PlayStation 4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus got a release date. Mark your calendar: it’s available from February 6!

Polyarc’s PlayStation VR game, Moss, was also revealed during E3. It now received a release window and a price tag: the mouse adventure will be available from February for thirty dollars.
Star Child, another PlayStation VR title, was also announced at E3. The Playful game will be published by GameTrust (the publisher arm of GameStop) at an unknown date.

Resident Evil 7‘s free Chris Redfield DLC, Not A Hero, also got a trailer. Your target will be Lucas Baker, starting from December 12, when RE7’s Gold Edition (complete with the other, paid DLC, End of Zoe) will hit the shelves.

PixelJunk VR’s Dead Hungry is available from today. You will aim to feed zombies to cure them. It sounds just as bonkers as the trailer, and the premise looks.

The black-and-white, line-packed horror game, Stifled, also hit the PlayStation VR today. It looks like a verbatim idea clone of Perception and The Unfinished Swan.

League of War VR Arena is a tabletop war simulator. It also got a release date: the PlayStation VR’s library will expand with it on November 7. Using VR for this game sounds like a good idea…

Regarding Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, we learned that it is going to be a standalone game. You’ll not have to own the base FFXV to play the game from November 21. Gone, gone fishing.
Staying with Final Fantasy XV, the Episode Ignis DLC will have music by Yasunori Mitsuda, who previously made some memorable melodies in Chrono Trigger. The DLC will be available from December 13.

Survios’ Sprint Vector could be described as Sonic Free Riders, but without a Kinect, and in VR. The PlayStation VR game will offer first-person racing with a bit of synthwave-ish color palette. Interesting…

Two announcements to wrap up: Heavy Specture’s Oure mixes being a dragon with being a human, the artistic visuals with a non-violent gameplay, and it’s already available on PlayStation 4! The PC port will be available from November 14.

The pre-show ended with another game reveal: Mossmouth and BlitWorks announced Spelunky 2, which will first launch on PlayStation 4 and PC. Time to go underground to get all the gold!

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