PlayStation Experience 2017 – Blood And Truth: A Round In The Casino [VIDEO]

The PlayStation VR-exclusive, which was revealed at Paris Games Week, did not skip the PlayStation Experience.

The game is a first-person shooter, which fits the virtual reality genre without a doubt. This time, we got a bit of gameplay of the game, which now focuses on a casino in London. Before you’d put some money on the roulette, don’t do it: some shooting is about to go down, as expected.

The term rail shooter is getting reimagined here: instead of automatically moving around (a la Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, which happens to be a freebie for PlayStation Plus-subscribers in December), you can choose your next location by looking at it. Meanwhile, you can use your hands to reload your gun. There may be not as much linearity as in other VR games.

Blood and Truth has no release date, but it will likely arrive next year on the PlayStation VR.

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