Atlus Is Doing A Survey – What Could We Get?

Atlus is curious about our opinion…

A Japanese language survey surfaced, which you can find here. Thankfully, Siliconera has translated the questions, and it’s obvious that these answers to the questions could be used for games shortly.

Persona games on PC? A Persona 4 remake? VR? A new shooter set in the Persona universe? These questions are just a minor part of the survey that is held annually. (They also ask what platforms we’d like to see the games on!) Persona (and Shin Megami Tensei) has questions that could drive the series to other genres, such as strategy or online RPG… SEGA (who owns Atlus) seems to grind the gears actively.

Previously, SEGA already expressed that Persona is on their list of games that they would like to see on PC. Last year, we saw them making Bayonetta and Vanquish available on Steam… so eventually, we might see Persona 5 show up on Valve’s storefront, too.

Source: Siliconera

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