Doom and Wolfenstein share the same universe

id Software confirms that BJ Blazkowicz is the great-grandfather of the Doom protagonist.

Small references here and there; subtle messages that for years have led the followers of Id Software to think that the classic Doom and Wolfenstein share the same game universe but, obviously, in different eras. And, so it is! Two of the founders of this legendary company confirms what many already took for granted. BJ Blazkowicz is the ancestor of the hero we incarnate in the bloody Doom, but there is more.

“There is a theory that Blazkowicz is Keen’s father and that Keen, in turn, is the father of the Doom type, something that was later confirmed in the DOOM RPG series, but I need the confirmation of the id Software legends in person, “wrote a fan on social networks. He got the desired answer twice. “It is not a theory, it is a fact,” said one of the illustrious creators who gave life to both sagas, the veteran Tom Hall. “And I think you are leaving a generation out,” he adds with a hint of mystery. Who is it about?

The legendary John Romero confirms that Blazkowicz is “the grandfather of Keen,” star of Commander Keen, “which makes us wonder why Keen’s father is not a daring hero? Who is he? What is he? Only Tom Hall can say it. ” His father, says the creative, left aside the weapons to become a well-known television presenter, changing his surname to Blazes.

„He was an awesome, heroic… newscaster. Changed to “Blaze” as a stage name. Which is decidedly unsubtle and more radio DJ, but…”

During all these years id Software has hinted at this parental relationship with great subtlety, as we saw recently in Quake Champions, where BJ Blazkowicz and Doom Slayer exchange ammunition in one of the video sequences of this promising PC multiplayer action title.

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