You Can Still Ask Money From Sony For The Fat PlayStation 3!

The argument between Sony and OtherOS happened because of Linux.

In short: Sony removed the Linux-support from the first, fat model of the PlayStation 3, which made several of the console owners file a lawsuit against the Japanese firm. They paid in court, and there’s still a chance for the owners of the first PS3 model to get some money from them.

In 2016, we may have written about how „up to 55 dollars” could the claimants receive (but they had to use Linux!), but it was raised to 65 dollars, and everyone could get this cash!

The twist here is that the deal is still valid in the United States for the models sold between November 1, 2006, and April 1, 2010. You can claim the money here, but you have to legally swear that you either actively used Linux, or lost some value due to the feature removal. You’ll need your PSN ID, as well as the serial number of the console. You’ll also have to have your console bought from an authorized dealer, which means second-hand purchases are not eligible.

The situation is still… simply put, ridiculous.

Source: VG247

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