EA SEED Presents Results: A Self-Taught Artificial Intelligence! [VIDEO]

One of the weirdest announcements of last year’s EA Play finally starts revealing results.

During the summer of 2017, Electronic Arts announced that they formed a new division within the publisher. It’s called SEED, short for Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division. Its goal is to create advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence for future EA games.

We can now see some results of their work, as they revealed a video that shows the AI playing Battlefield 1. The only aid that Electronic Arts gave to the „agents” (that’s how they call the AI players…) is coloring the health pickups green and the ammo pickup yellow. Everything else was handled by a single neural network.

It’s not perfect yet (you can see soldiers participating in the running around in circles world championship instead of fighting in the first World War), but we all learn until we die. So does the artificial intelligence.

Source: Gamasutra

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