There’s Possibility For A NieR: Automata Sequel!

The game’s producer says there is a chance for it to happen.

On PAX East, three main people behind NieR: Automata (Yoko Taro – director, Yosuke Saito – producer, Keiichi Okabe – composer) held a panel where they answered questions. Saito says there’s a 50% chance of a sequel happening, but this number is mainly because he liked working with the game and he’d do it again – the rest is up to Yoko Taro.

Taro himself doesn’t like working on sequels, and he considers the story of NieR: Automata complete. (Here, he joked that he could transform the androids into bugs and make a bug fighting game.) If he could do a vertical shooter (Xevious – do we need to say anything else?), then he’d reveal how the machines won against humanity, although he’d require crowdfunding, as Square Enix would likely not foot the bill for the development.

Saito says „they might be able in the future to open another door in the NieR universe,” although he doesn’t know how much time would it need. Taro added that NieR: Automata is successful, but it’s a niche and weird game, and thus, everyone who likes it should also be weird.

We take that as a compliment, thanks! We liked the game…

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