Monster Hunter: The Production Begins In September

MOVIE NEWS – Capcom‘s movie adaptation has a few new details to discuss.

Variety reports that the Monster Hunter movie brings over the protagonist actor (actress) from another Capcom franchise: Milla Jovovich, after having starred in the Resident Evil movies, now moves over to Monster Hunter to be the lead character.

The similarities don’t stop there yet: Constantin Films also comes over from Resident Evil to bring Monster Hunter to the big screen, and the producer and director also jump from zombies to monsters, as Paul W. S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt will both reprise their roles. (And saying that Mr. X comes back to be responsible for the special effects wouldn’t be surprising…)

The production will start in September in Cape Town, South Africa. The Monster Hunter movie will have a 60 million dollar budget. We’re curious to see how Capcom pulls off another game-to-movie adaptation.

Source: PCGamer

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