[E3 2018] Metro: Exodus just got a new trailer along with a release date

Metro: Exodus – that was first revealed at E3 2017 at the Microsoft Press Conference – finally got a release date with a brand new trailer.

The series’ third game will differ from the previous ones in multiple ways and some of these differences are clearly shown in the new trailer. This time the explorable areas will be much more open-ended, there will be fewer tight and linear sections. Aside from this, most of the game will take place outside of the well-known metro tunnels. The gameplay will change too, providing some freshness even for the experienced Metro players. The ammo-based currency system will be dismissed and there will be an option to change weapon modifications in real-time, just like in the Crysis games. Obviously the story will center around the hero from the first games, Artyom, and judging by the trailer this time the story will be much more personal.

Metro: Exodus – which is currently being developed by 4A Games – will release at February 22nd, 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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