Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Development Is „Moving Along Better Than Expected”

Despite being a no-show at E3 (we explained previously why), Final Fantasy VII‘s remake‘s development is progressing well, Tetsuya Nomura says…

On Gematsu, some quotes from Nomura (who also works on Kingdom Hearts III at the moment) can be read, taken from the latest issue of Famitsu. The first one is immediately one that made us laugh for all the wrong reasons: „We’re trying to figure out when we will put out the next news release.”

The rest are, fortunately, more promising than the first quote: „Production is going well.”, „The scenario will also delve into the members of Avalanche.”, „[Development] is moving along more than expected, so please wait for the next news release with peace of mind.” These comments paint Square Enix in a positive light.

„The direction was pretty much decided upon before we changed to internal development, and production is going well.”, „While preserving the atmosphere of the original, the scenario will dig deeper into the characters, including members of Avalanche,” two more comments say in an update.

We have a feeling that Square Enix will pull another Final Fantasy Versus XIII and make Final Fantasy VII Remake a next-gen title. It’s impossible to see the FIRST episode launch in 2018. By the time the complete remake is completed, the next Sony and Microsoft console will be available for purchase…

Source: Gematsu

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