Michel Ancel again insists that WiLD is still in development

The video game has left little information since its announcement in 2014.

Although not as a surprise, the absence at E3 2018 of WiLD led more than one to wonder if there will be cancelled promising, in its beginnings, new adventure of Michel Ancel. However, and according to the words of the director of Beyond Good and Evil 2 , from Wild Sheep Studio they are still working on the videogame.

He recognised this with a message on his official Instagram account, where Ancel also announced that he and Celine Tellier, the studio’s artistic director, had visited the studio of Guerrilla Games.

In his reply to the fans he did not leave much more information, beyond that they were working hard in this open world in which humans and animals coexist.

Since its announcement in 2014, WiLD has not left more information than the insistence of its responsibility in ensuring that it is still in development. More news has been produced lately by Beyond Good and Evil 2, an object of a communiqué from a Hindu association in which Ubisoft was asked not to trivialise this religion with hundreds of millions of followers in the world.

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