DOOM Eternal presents the first gameplay video and full details [VIDEO]

Bethesda has shown 15 minutes of the long-awaited shooter.

On the QuakeCon stage, Bethesda showed yesterday the first DOOM Eternal gameplay, one of the most prominent announcements of the E3 2018. It contains 15 minutes of playable material and 10 minutes of comments from the developers, and you can see it directly below.

As you might expect, the video comes with a more agile DOOM Slayer, able to climb walls, glide in the air and propel with a hook equipped in the shotgun. It is also a good opportunity to keep an eye on the enemies and their executions: some are back with renewed arsenal, while others are new or had been last seen a long, long time ago.

After the conference, Bethesda confirmed that DOOM Eternal would arrive at PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The date of the release of the game is still unknown, although taking into consideration the state of the game, it is likely that it does not make you beg too.

Doom’s sequel will change a few things compared to the first one from 2016.

Doom: Eternal, which was announced during Bethesda’s E3 conference, was indeed shown at QuakeCon as promised previously. id Software is serious: they are bringing in a new engine, the id Tech 7 (!) for the game, even though id Tech 6, first used in Doom 2016, was technically an impressive thing already.

A new soundtrack from Mick Gordon, new weapons (a shoulder-mounted cannon with a flamethrower, extendable blade), dash for faster movement, all while keeping the violence – the super shotgun will have a Meat Hook extension to grapple the demons in, regardless if they are new or returning, famous ones. You still have to rip and tear to receive ammo, health, and armour pickups. Similarly to Souls games, an invasion will be implemented – you can get attacked by other players as demons, or you could do the same thing to your friends, too. There will be new locations outside Mars: Hell on Earth or Phobos (complete with BFG 10K), to name a few.

Marty Stratton, the game’s director, told Polygon that unlike Doom 2016, Doom: Eternal will have singleplayer DLC. What about Snapmap, the level editor to provide creativity? That is going to be left out in the sequel. What about multiplayer? There will be a common arena shooter component, which is going to be developed in-house by id Software (the first game got some help by Certain Affinity), but we don’t know other details about it yet.

Doom: Eternal has no release date, but it is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch (!!!) – the Switch port is going to be handled by Panic Button, who has become famous with their Bethesda Switch ports, which means they should do an excellent job here, too. There is no release date for the game yet, but seeing how Doom 2016 came out on a Friday the 13th in May, our prediction would be September 13, 2019. A Friday.

Source: Gematsu, PCGamer, DualShockers, Twitter

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