Remedy is working a new project, here are the first details

Thanks to Gamescom 2018, the developers of Alan Wake shared some new details about their next project.

We already knew that Remedy is working on a new project but we had to wait until now to learn some details about it. Its name is Vanguard and it will use Unreal Engine 4. For now, only a handful of people are working on it and this team’s goal will be to push the boundaries of multiplayer experiences and set new rules. By the way, the Northlight Technology Group and the teams at Remedy will help them as well.

Because of this project, Remedy also hires people who know how to use Unreal Engine 4 properly and effectively. Unfortunately, we don’t know yet what kind of game Vanguard will be, but it’s more than likely that it will support ray-tracing, given the fact that Unreal Engine 4 already has ray-tracing support built-in and Remedy is very interested in this technology.

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