Is A New PlayStation Move Coming For VR Usage?

The next PlayStation, which is unofficially dubbed PlayStation 5, might be getting a new PlayStation Move controller, too.

The PlayStation Move launched in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 to provide motion sensor controls with the PlayStation Eye for some games (even Heavy Rain received a Move edition), but nowadays, the controller with the ball on the top looks somewhat goofy and outdated.

Thus, it’s no wonder that there’s a new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan, and it seems to have dropped the ball (both figuratively and literally) to replace it with „lights along a loop of the controller,” which would follow the HTC Vive’s example. This method would provide better space identification and possibly better controls for the users than the „ball” version, potentially in virtual reality.

So, the PlayStation Move is planning to return – the question is, when is it going to happen? It’s likely going to be revealed along with the new PlayStation…

Source: Jeuxvideo-Live

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