Is Déraciné Hinting At A Bloodborne Sequel?

FromSoftware‘s PlayStation VR title has several references about the Japanese developers hinting at a Bloodborne sequel.

Déraciné has a doll that we’ll find eventually in the game. If we inspect it, it seems to make the „Make Contact” gesture seen in the 2015 PlayStation 4-exclusive Bloodborne. If we go further, the figure’s description is even more of a thought-generating quote: „A doll of the stone girl Fiona who appears in the unfinished tale. When a person has a bad dream, Fiona appears and helps them flee.”

One of the main NPCs in Bloodborne is called The Doll, found in Hunter’s Dream. If we put that together with the Fiona definition, we seem to have a connection. However, the „unfinished tale” might mean that Bloodborne‘s story is far from over…

What a smart move from FromSoftware. Perhaps they are planning to reveal Bloodborne 2 at The Game Awards 2018, which is confirmed to have significant announcements. That would be a stunning move from the devs…

Source: BloodyDisgusting

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