The leader will be a famous Hungarian king…

Besides bringing foul weather and climate change to Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, new Civs are coming, too. Hungary is arriving into the game with its leader, Matthias Corvinus, the famous King of Hungary and Croatia. Take a look at the new trailer above and get your first look at both of them.

Hungary’s an interesting (and for Hungarians: familiar) Civ which is designed to get you expanding quickly. The Civ have a unique ability, Pearl of the Danube, which makes any building constructed across a river from the city centre much quicker to build, so if you set up shop near the water, your growing settlement will get a leg up. This could also be paired with a religion similarly designed to take advantage of rivers.

Also, if your city is near a geothermal fissure, that’s even better, Hungary’s unique building is a thermal bath, replacing the zoo, which provides amenities and production to every city centre in range, and even more amenities and tourism if there’s a fissure nearby.

Making friends is a big part of playing as Hungary, mostly so you can become even more powerful and vanquish your enemies. The Huszár, for instance, receives a combat bonus for every active alliance, making the unique unit a powerhouse if you’ve made loads of friends. It’s a theme that continues into the leader abilities, too.

When Matthius Corvinus levies troops from an allied city-state, the units get extra movement and combat strange, and it doesn’t cost a penny to upgrade them. When units are levied, Hungary also sends two envoys to the city-state, strengthening the alliance. The Black Army is Corvinus’ unique unit, and it gets stronger when it’s surrounded by levied units.

Hungary looks like a solid Civ faction on paper, with some clear diplomatic and military routes to victory, and the city-state and levy bonuses seem like a good fit given that the expansion aims to give city-states a bit more prominence. To compete with them, other civs and players will need to forge their own alliances with city-states, as well, denying them bonuses.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is due out on February 14, Valentine’s day.

Source: PC Gamer

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