The PlayStation Classic Stops Even Lower: A Simple Method To Find Its Hidden Options! [VIDEO]

We haven’t been impressed by the PlayStation Classic, and now, we will never be.

The PlayStation Classic uses PCSX ReARMed, an open-source emulator. We can access its settings reasonably quickly – if you have a Logitech or Corsair keyboard (as other brands seemingly don’t work), hook it up to the PS Classic’s USB port, then press ESC. You will find several options (Resume game, Save state, Load state, Reset game, Load CD image, Options, Controls, Cheats, Extra stuff, Credits, Exit). Under Options, you can finetune emulation even further.

Several games are on the PlayStation Classic in their PAL version. Its refresh rate is at 50Hz, which means the games are limited to 50 frames per second. Tekken 3 is a prime example, and it does feel slower than the NTSC version (60Hz – 60 FPS). We can change the region, replace the BIOS, use frameskipping, or other options, although it probably means you’d lose the guarantees on your product. (These options could help you to replace the game with an NTSC version, though.)

Only mod your PlayStation Classic if you are aware of its risks. Still, it’s a major fail from Sony that the emulator’s options are accessible so easily…

Source: DualShockers

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