Fallout 76 Tries To Make Up Losses Via Microtransactions! [VIDEO]

Bethesda seems to do it on purpose by this point.

Previously, we already discussed the game possibly receiving lunch boxes (loot boxes), but here’s the Reddit post: the boxes would have hunger and thirst reduction, XP, damage resistance, party favours, and more. The boxes might be implemented in the game the same way Call of Duty: WWII had them – when someone opens a box, it would be seen by everyone else on the server, which has a psychological effect on us. (Even though in June, Bethesda kept saying that there would be no loot boxes, and microtransactions would be cosmetic only…)

Eurogamer reports that Bethesda is trying to pull out the most money out of the unfinished-state Fallout 76 via microtransactions. They are trying to cash in on the holiday spirit with the Comin’ to Town pack that has a male and female Santa skin, two icons, and a Christmas base decoration set. How much does it cost? Twenty dollars, and it’s 33% off – so would it be 30 bucks after the holidays? That’s another psychological move from Bethesda. Reddit doesn’t like how Bethesda keeps slowly increasing the prices of the microtransaction shop, and let us not forget that 2-3 years ago, for 25 dollars, we could buy Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC that had 10 hours of gameplay or so. There is a lot of difference between the two…

In Fallout 76, you can fly: with the Marsupial mutation, you can jump extremely high for losing intelligence, and Bird Bones takes some of your strength away to fall gradually. Add the Strange in Numbers perk card and two friends into the mix – they also need the same mutations but combining these three factors result in you floating in midair, as the card boosts the buffs enough to make your falling disabled. The video explains it better than us.

All we can do now is just facepalm at Bethesda

Source: PCGamer, PCGamer, WCCFTech

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