The Witcher: Netflix Plans Ahead With It!

MOVIE NEWS – Netflix seems to be so satisfied with its upcoming The Witcher series that it is already considering a renewal for its second season… even though the series hasn’t even premiered yet!

Comicbook wrote about Casey Walsh’s (editor-in-chief of Geeks Worldwide) tweet based on his sources that „Netflix is very happy with The Witcher, and we could see multiple seasons greenlit before season one airs or shortly after, meaning Henry Cavill’s [the actor of Geralt of Rivia in the series] schedule could be full for a while, and [it’s] more evidence Superman is behind him.”

DualShockers points out that Walsh tends to have insider information about DC media due to his connections, which means we shouldn’t ignore his thoughts about Superman. Also, Netflix seems to be too confident nowadays: for example, in November, they renewed Castlevania for a third season.

However, all this information is unconfirmed, but it seems that Netflix has a lot of hope in The Witcher which might start next year…

Source: DualShockers

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