Mad Box: One Slogan, Ten Thousand Pounds!

Ian Bell, the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, isn’t joking at all.

„I want to be clear about this. The best slogan for the Mad Box gets 10K [pounds] and free games for life. This isn’t a joke. Hit me,” Bell wrote on Twitter. Mad Box, Slightly Mad Studios‘ (Need For Speed: Shift, Project CARS) new console is still a long way off from shipping (around three years), but with such news, it could stay relevant for a while.

Or, if it gets new concept images – this time, don’t expect something completely extreme, but instead, something more of a traditional console: customisable backplate, RGB lighting control, a display on the front to show what song you listen to or what song you play, email notifier, things like that. It could also be mounted on a wall or be used vertically (like the PS2 or PS3 back in the day), going by the images.

Regarding its controllers, Bell says they are „hard at work with suppliers,” and we should wait until we see them. We’ll see.

Source: WCCFTech

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