PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC – Which Platform’s Gamers Have The Best Reaction Time?

LG Elite Reaction Test, which was co-developed by LG and Activision, released their tests’ results in a press release.

The overall reaction points score brought up not the PC platform as the winner, but the Xbox One! They reached 79.7 points, followed by the PlayStation 4 with 71.9 and the PC with 62.2 points, respectively. Over 1400 people have participated in the test. In the reaction accuracy, the Xbox players got 77.1%, which is a significant difference to the 67.7% achieved by the PC gamers. They also hit the most targets (Xbox One: 78%, PlayStation 4: 74%, PC: 70%). However, one aspect brought some victory to the PC players: the reaction speed (where the targets were still green). The PC preferrers hit 18% of the targets quickly, while the Xbox users got 9%.

What is the LG Elite Reaction Test? It’s a simple program: in twenty seconds, hit as many targets as possible, preferably if they are still green. You can test your reaction time here – select your favourite platform (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC), but it will bring no differences in the test.

Thus, the PC users are seemingly at an advantage, as they use the mouse the most, don’t they?

Source: WCCFTech

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