The First Concept Images Of The Mad Box Controller!

Slightly Mad Studios has gone stylish with the visuals with the Mad Box (which will have online functions, too) controllers.

Despite being three years away from its launch, Ian Bell, the CEO of Slightly Mad, tries to keep the hype about the next-gen Mad Box alive on Twitter: now, he revealed a few concept images about the Mad Box controller (and only those, because, as with the console, it doesn’t exist physically yet).

A touchscreen? Rear paddles? It looks promising, doesn’t it?

Bell also spoke about the Mad Box‘ online capabilities: „I have a cunning plan. Paid online? Free online? How about we pay you to be online? Every valid hour spent earning credits that translate into real-world money for you. Yes, it will mean advertisements, but YouTube is scraping along… Just a thought… My thinking is a cheap sub[scription] that you can earn back, plus much more… Potentially.” We have seen ads in games before, but they were either directly implemented into the games (Mountain Dew in Tony Hawk’s Skater 5, for example), or on loading screens and the like, like in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Capcom had to turn them off (even though they could have been disabled) after the community disliking them.

Mad Box starts to look intriguing.

Source: WCCFTech

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