Will Anthem Have Cross-Play? BioWare Responds!

Cross-play isn’t a taboo for Sony anymore, so we cannot ignore this topic anymore.

On Twitter, Ben Irving, the game’s lead producer, was asked if PlayStation 4 players could play together with the Xbox One and PC users in Anthem or not. The answer was short but to the point: „Not at launch.” Going by this reply, it seems that BioWare is planning to implement cross-play into Anthem, but they cannot perform it in a month (as we’re just a month away from the game’s launch – the VIP demo is starting this weekend!).

Michael Gamble, Irving’s colleague, also revealed on Twitter that Anthem will get a multiplayer hub called Launch Bay where up to sixteen players could meet each other to prepare for the next mission or just chat. (The single-player hub, Fort Tarsis, was previously revealed – BioWare tries to appeal to solo players, too.)

„After a mission, you can head back to Tarsis and catch up with some of the amazing characters we’ve created for you…OR…head back to the brand new Launch Bay, hang out with your friends, use the forge, reload and grab a new contract. Yeah, we listened to you… details soon!”, Gamble wrote.

Anthem is out on February 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: DualShockers, PCGamer

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