Another Weird Bug Pops Up In Fallout 76!

Bethesda‘s game is trying to reach customers in one way or another.

We’ll get back to that, though – first, we’d discuss this Reddit topic. In it, McStaken writes that during a Rad-Rat Horde event, he „accidentally” entered a Vault, and his team then was unable to leave it. Getting stuck in Vault 63 isn’t surprising…

…but their reaction (sending Bethesda a support ticket) after it is. Remember, previously, Bethesda has given out bans to those who ended up visiting the hidden developer room. We’d rather not comment that others got stuck in that Vault, though. But back to this dev room ban, Bethesda explained it with the users’ account state going corrupt, which usually happens „after a character has visited an area within the game which isn’t typically accessible via normal gameplay.”

On Reddit, another topic also makes waves. Previously, we wrote about Seagate’s external PlayStation 4 2TB hard drive called Game Drive. Well, it seems that in Germany, you can get a copy of Fallout 76 for free with it. A commenter, who works at Saturn, a German electric retail chain, wrote the following: „You get [Fallout 76] with every Xbox, PS4, PS4 hard drive from Seagate, DualShock controller, a few third-party controllers, and the original Xbox controllers, even if you don’t want it. But it’s okay. The reaction of the customers when I „force” the game on them can be quite funny.”

Is Bethesda trying this hard to get rid of its Fallout 76 stock? It’s the second time we talk about it…

Source: VG247, DualShockers

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