Sony Demands A Lot Of Money From An Illegal Seller!

TorrentFreak reports that Sony demands 16800 dollars from a Californian man, as he was selling „jailbreakedPlayStation 4 consoles, which were able to run pirated copies of games, and they usually had games on the HDD when sold already.

The Japanese company sued the man called Eric Scales in October. He used the Blackcloak13 handle online when he was selling the modified consoles on eBay. (He also had a website, where he offered console modding services, according to the document. You can see an image from his site below. The quality and design are… terrible.)

As Scales has not responded, Sony accepted the default judgment, and as he has infringed copyrights, the fine he has to pay is based on Sony’s claims, which could have been even higher: they didn’t even include a PlayStation 4, which was sold in July with 170 games. Sony didn’t even demand the maximum amount!

16800 dollars? Well, Sony demands $800 per sold PlayStation 4, which totals to $1600. For each pirated game, they want $200. 76 games equal 15200 dollars. Of course, we have to add 3458 dollars for costs and attorney fees, which push the total to twenty grand, rounded down.

Source: TorrentFreak


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