Netflix offers a fascinating documentary about For Honor [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Playing Hard offers us a vision of the interiorities of a four-year development like Ubisoft.

On the Netflix platform, there is more and more content related to video games that you can find at your command, and one of the most interesting ones is Playing Hard. A fascinating documentary of an hour and a half in which we accompanied Ubisoft in the development of For Honor.

The master of ceremonies is Jason Van den Berghe who, they explain, “leaves the skin for more than four years to create the video game.” The video documentary explains that the team “has grown from 40 to 500 people” during the reflecting process, and the work shows “unprecedented access to the top-secret world of the world’s largest entertainment industry.”

The documentary that, as we say, is already available on Netflix, shows a creative process that extends throughout the world, from the United States to Europe, and that also includes Asia; and shows how “struggle to bring the initial idea to a final product” with For Honor.

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