Online RPG But Not An MMO: Improbable’s First Game Is In Development!

Improbable was founded by ex-BioWare, Ubisoft, and Capcom employees, which is another reason why we should keep an eye on this team.

The name might be familiar from another aspect, too – they created the SpatialOS platform, which is a cloud-based, multiplayer solution, already looking into the future with this approach. Improbable opened two studios this year, including one in Edmonton, Canada – it is headed by former BioWare general manager, Aaryn Flynn, who told GameInformer a few details about this secretive game.

„We’ve got a lot of great folks with diverse backgrounds, not just some BioWare folks, although we have those. Folks from Ubisoft, folks from Capcom, that have come over and are helping us build what’s going to be an RPG using SpatialOS and Unreal,” he said. Neil Thompson is going to be the game’s director and executive producer – he was formerly an art director at BioWare.

However, this game is not going to be an MMO! It will be an online RPG. Herman Narula, the CEO of Improbable, has explained the situation: „SpatialOS [is]…not an MMO solution. We’re a solution that increases the vocabulary of multiplayer. What I do feel comfortable saying is that I’ve told Aaryn from the beginning, ‘Think about how we can make players have a greater say in what we create together. I grew up in love with some of the games that Aaryn and the team worked on. One of the things we were most passionate about was that Neverwinter Nights was so player-created and player-generated. RPGs and storytelling have been such a massive part of the industry, but if we’re going to find a way for RPGs and multiplayer to work, we have to deal with the paradox of how do we make players feel like they have agency in a world which is in some ways prescribed.”

The unnamed game is in development for PC, but we shouldn’t expect new details, let alone a release date, for a while, though…

On the picture you can see Worlds Adrift, which is also built using Improbable‘s SpatialOS.

Source: PCGamer

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