Sonic Will Have Some Edgy Moments, Too!

MOVIE NEWS – Jim Carrey (who will be Robotnik, the antagonist in the Sonic film) has revealed that despite SEGA‘s IP-turned-movie will be family-oriented, it will still have some edgy moments as well.

The producer is the same person who directed the first Deadpool film (Tim Miller), which is why we aren’t that surprised to hear that the cinematic adaptation of this blue, shoe-wearing hedgehog will go grim here and there. „We’re playing to families, so you can’t get too crazy, but I made sure that there are some winks and nods, and edgy things that are still acceptable to both age groups,” Carrey told IMDB in his interview. Here, he added that Robotnik, the iconic antagonist of the Sonic franchise, is going to be „pure, unbridled evil,” meaning the actor will likely not hold himself back.

James Marsden, who is going to be a police officer in the film (accidentally meeting Sonic, but ending up working together with him), also talked about the tone of the Sonic movie: „Of course the movie is going to be family friendly, but there is an edge to it; there is a sharpness to it. There is a wit to it.” The movie will also have Tika Sumpter, who will be a veterinarian, „one of the ones who help Sonic get through this dimension of a world and figure it out.”

The Sonic film is directed by Jeff Fowler (nominated for an Oscar with his 2004 CG animation Gopher Broke), and it will debut in cinemas on November 8.

Source: GameSpot


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