Epic Games Store Will Not Have These Two Functions!

Epic Games Store, which launched in December, and has been pulling in exclusive games since, is still somewhat behind the 8-Ball when it comes to functions against Steam.

Tim Sweeney, the head of Epic Games, has been communicative on Twitter recently, answering a lot of questions from people. In a few of his tweets, he mentioned a few functions that will – and won’t – come to the Epic Games Store: „We aren’t planning to develop a trading metagame (e.g. cards) around the Epic Games Store. Gifting and achievements are on the roadmap. We’ve launched an online support ticketing service developers can choose to use for games across all stores and platforms. Epic doesn’t plan to host third-party game forums but we encourage developers to link to independent forums (like Reddit) on their store pages. As with Fortnite, we encourage forums that are independent of stores and platforms.

We’ll clearly show the ratings so customers understand what’s in the products they’re considering buying. Epic is fine with M rated games.” So there will be NO trading cards that you can sell for some money, and no forums either, as seen on Steam… but the overlay is planned for „midterm.” (Also, Sweeney isn’t committed to AO, Adults Only games.)

Are they committed to the 88% cut that the developers will get from each sale of a game? The answer is yes: „These features [cloud saving, achievements] don’t add significantly to the incremental operating cost of the Epic Games Store. The cost one-time development cost and maintenance are largely independent of store revenue.” Fair enough, and the fact that if you buy a game on PC, you can access its Mac version without paying an extra dime, is a great idea!

So Epic Games Store continues to make moves, but the games on them have their flaws. For example, Dangerous Driving, a Burnout spiritual successor that launched this week, has no achievements due to EGS’ lack of feature…

Source: PCGamer

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