Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: All the Details and First Trailer of [VIDEO]

Blessing of the Force! At last, we know the new videogame of the authors of Apex Legends.

After being released in the last hours the trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX, now it’s the turn of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the longed-for action videogame developed by Respawn Entertainment that has been seen in a promising trailer, besides specifying its first details.

As anticipated Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be for a player and will not have micropayments, giving major importance to the history of the game. Set just after the fateful Order 66, which involved the persecution and death of the majority of Jedi, the Respawn video game will put us in the shoes of a young apprentice named Cal Kestis, who is played by the well-known actor Cameron Monaghan, from the series Gotham.

The voice of the robot was created by the veteran Ben Burtt, who was also responsible for giving life to the Wall-E robot. The description of the video game made by the authors of Apex Legends suggests that it will be an action game with a similar style to the God of War series. Precisely, one of the responsibilities for this successful Sony franchise is part of the creative team after the Fallen Order.

This is Stig Asmussen, director of God of War 3, accompanied by veterans of the video game industry as the narrative director of Far Cry 3, Aaron Contreras, or the great screenwriter of Fallout New Vegas and Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic 2, Chris Avellone.

Star Wars Jedi is being developed with Unreal Engine 4 and since it was leaked, it will be released on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on November 15th.

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