The Valve Index will be the first helmet to follow the VirtualLink standard

All the connectivity of the VR in a cable.

Virtual reality is a technology that has always encountered obstacles when it comes to reaching the mass public. One of the main pitfalls is the gadget of their helmets, with multiple long and fat cables that do nothing but make us uncomfortable when we are inside the game. However, last year the VirtualLink standard was introduced through a USB-C connection that manages all data, audio, video and power transmission. Yesterday the ban was opened to reserve the new Valve Index, which will be the first virtual reality glasses to follow the standard.

While it is true that this compatibility will come through an independent cable with a price of 43 euros, we must bear in mind that still only Nvidia RTX cards are compatible with this standard. This solution can be ideal for anyone who is focused on virtual reality and is fed up with the cables, but they are still 42 euros to avoid three cables and stay with one. The VirtualLink standard will be very beneficial for helmets that do not need external tracking systems since this kind of devices do not need bulky installations. The combination will make the ecosystem a friendlier one for the end user.

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