A KotOR movie? The classic Star Wars RPG would be preparing its premiere in theaters

MOVIE NEWS – It is claimed that the screenwriter of Alita: Battle Angel would be close to finishing his script.

Much has been talked about in recent times of a future KotOR 3 , an expected RPG that BioWare tried to develop without success , but in the last few hours it has sounded strong the possibility that this classic Star Wars RPG come back to life with a movie ; the first of an ambitious trilogy based on this franchise.

According to Buzzfeed, the screenwriter of Alita: Battle Angel would be “close to finishing” the script of the Star Wars movie: Knights of the Old Republic, which Laeta Kalogridis herself would have raised as the first “of a potential KotOR trilogy”. For now, Disney has not made an official statement about it for what remains in the air if you really work on a movie based on the game.

The first KotOR was released in 2003 becoming one of the best games in the Star Wars saga, as we told you in our retro memories of Star Wars KotOR. Developed by BioWare, it would be followed by a sequel from Obsidian, as well as an ambitious MMORPG called The Old Republic, which recently announced new content expansion.

Apparently, there have been several attempts to resuscitate the series, also on the part of Obsidian, who days ago assured they thought about the project and their KotOR 3 promised to be incredible.

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