[E3 2019] Another Mini Console Is About To Enter The Market! [VIDEO]

Nintendo has started a trend a few years ago with the NES Classic. Since then, we have seen several mini consoles getting announced and released, and now, a not-so-known platform is getting „minified”!

A few examples of such mini consoles: NES Classic, SNES Classic, PlayStation Classic, SEGA Mega Drive Mini, Neo Geo Mini, C64 Mini… and now, it’s Konami‘s turn! The Japanese company announced the TurboGrafx-16 mini / PC Engine CoreGrafx mini / PC Engine mini. Okay, this looks ridiculous, so let us explain: each territory will get the mini console (which originally launched in October 1987 in Japan) under a different name. For Europe, it’ll be the PC Engine CoreGrafx mini (even though it was originally called either as PC Engine or Turbografx around here), while North America will get it as the TurboGrafx-16 mini.

So far, it sounds like a South American soap, so let us clear things up: the console is not a 16-bit console, it was purely a marketing move. It will be minified, and will have the usual functions, such as quick saves, filters (such as scanlines, as if you played on an old CRT TV – the console will use an HDMI cable!), and with a multitap (which will, of course, be sold separately…), you can play simultaneously with up to four friends.

These are the currently announced games for North America and Europe: Alien Crush, Dungeon Explorer, New Adventure Island, Ninja Spirit, R-Type, Ys Book I & II. (Japan will get Bonk, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood [mázlisták…], China Warrior, Dungeon Explorer, Super Star Soldier, and Ys Book I & II.) More to be announced at a later date.

And that’s all! No pricing or release window is known at the moment. At least each region got an announcement trailer.

Source: Gematsu

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