Fallout 76’s Canvas Bags Are Finally Here! [VIDEO]

Bethesda couldn’t get away with giving the people cheap, nasty nylon bags – they had to provide the people who paid a ton of money for Fallout 76 the material they originally advertised…

Fallout 76, which came out in November (and on E3, it was announced to get a BATTLE ROYALE MODE…), can be called a good game or a bad one, but mainly a bad one. Still, it had a 200-dollar Power Armor Edition, which not only contained a wearable power armour helmet, but also a bag, which triggered a scandal that we discussed over time. Initially, this edition of the game was advertised with a canvas bag, but those who paid for it only received cheap nylon West-Tek bags.

Bethesda had to react to this (let’s just say that false advertising is not the best thing to do, and that’s the best way to recap the story, really), so they announced that the canvas bags are going to be made, and the people will eventually receive it. It seems to be happening, as this tweet shows:

Too bad the story might continue, as this Reddit comment has some harsh words: „[…] it’s really thin canvas […] like 1mm. […] I think some of my t-shirts are thicker. The Fallout […] bag [is] like those cheap shopping tote bags. A lot of folks are talking about the crinkling and supporting its own weight and I can confirm that too in that it simply doesn’t stand up at all, it just collapses into a puddle of fabric. As far as wrinkles go, I decided to test it and crumpled up a bit that seemed relatively smooth and whilst it does flatten out again a bit, it does leave wrinkles which has never actually even been a thought in my mind with my army stuff […]. Another thing I’ve not seen mentioned is the zip which is the cheapest, nastiest zip I’ve felt in a very long time to the level that I know it’ll wear out and break if I tried to use the bag for any substantial length of time.”

No wonder Bethesda is being often called the second Electronic Arts under many YouTube videos that discuss news around the company…

Source: PCGamer

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