Xbox 360 Games Might Get To Run On PC In The Future!

…and we don’t mean emulation, but native, official support!

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, in his interview with Giant Bomb (which we already quoted recently for other subjects), said the following: „Microsoft‘s Installer technology, this thing called MSI—if you go in your hard drive you’ll see .msi files, which I’ve written in my past. We built this technology called MSI XVC that allows us to easily wrap Win32 games that developers are building on PC already, not having to do any kind of UWP blah blah blah, just ‘I’m going to use the same game I’d put on any other store.’ Every store has its own installer, so think of it that way. The ‘X’ from MSIXVC does come from our installer tech on Xbox because it’s further along than our old MSI tech. So yeah, some people got a little confused.

I’d love to run PowerPC games on Windows, that’s the 360 ones. It was hard to get those PowerPC games to run on the fixed spec machine that we have with Xbox One. When you start getting into the variability of PCs that are out there, I never say never. Honestly, we’d probably stream than before we try to run them natively, and I don’t know if that’s the best answer.”

Let’s quickly run through Spencer’s comment: he first shot down the rumours around native Xbox One game support on Windows 10, and then, he mentioned how he would like to see Xbox 360 games run on PC, but at the moment, he thinks the Project xCloud will make it happen (just like how PlayStation 3 titles run via streaming on PlayStation 4 with PlayStation Now).

We’d love to see X360-exclusive or console exclusive games on PC, such as Fable 2.

Source: PCGamer

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