[E3 2019] The Head Of Xbox Missed Sony From E3!

Phil Spencer thinks that it’s better if Sony also participates at E3 (which will be open between June 9 and 11 next year).

„I wish Sony was here. E3 is not as good when they’re [Sony and Activision Blizzard] not here,” Spencer told to Giant Bomb at E3.

Spencer also talked about xCloud, Microsoft‘s streaming technology/service: „[The data cap] is exactly why having a local device that you can download the games to and play from on your TV is going to be important. I don’t think today everybody wants every frame of gameplay – look at the number of hours I’ve played of Destiny 2 as an example – I don’t want all of those to be me writing checks to Comcast. I think cloud technology has the capability over the years to create a really compelling experience in the home on a large screen, [but] the best way for you to go play Cyberpunk… for you to go play any of the games that were shown here [at E3] for years, is going to be dedicated hardware in your home with local storage of those things bleeding to the screen as fast as it can. I’m not trying to tell people to stop playing console games… or PC games or even [not] to buy a second copy of the game so you can play it somewhere else. What I’m saying is: I like playing on Xbox Live and when I’m away from my console or my PC, I want to continue playing my games… and this is a convenience feature for you… this is about, I want an experience on my phone that will go with me.” They still have a lot to do to improve the input lag (the time needed from the button press to the action happening in the game).

Spencer also talked about the Xbox Project Scarlett, the next-gen Microsoft console, which could also show the incremental performance increase (the Xbox One had 5x the computing power of the X360): „We’re not planning for Scarlett to be our last console. It would be something that would come along and say what I had before doesn’t feel like it’s fulfilling state of the art experiences that I have in my home. That’s what we’re planning for [with post-Scarlett]. We’ll always be eyes wide open. I don’t think [by that time Scarlett’s successor is on the market] that I’m going to be playing games that feel like my Scarlett games that are streamed on a screen that’s 60-inches. I could be wrong, but we’re going to continue with our xCloud work… and the magic that’s being put in there.”

The Project Scarlett is out in late 2020, and the Project xCloud is going to get public testing this year.

Source: GameSpot, VG247, VG247

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