Copyright Claim Problems Will Be Easier To Handle On YouTube

TECH NEWS – YouTube tries to make our job easier to find out what our video did to harm others’ copyright.

YouTube’s blog has written the following: „Starting today, we will require copyright owners to provide timestamps to indicate exactly where their content appears in videos they manually claim, and we’re improving our video editing tools in Creator Studio to make it easier for creators to remove the content associated with these claims.”

YouTube’s Content ID system automatically claims videos containing others’ content, but there is also a way to manually claim videos, which can then get ads that pay the claimant, or the video can be removed via the claim altogether. Until now, there was an issue that didn’t tell us WHERE the infringing part was in the video, plus the claims kept being active even after removing the portion in the video with a song for example.

Now, uploaders have an easier job to deal with the issue. The affected portion of the video can be muted, cut out entirely, or its audio can be replaced by one of the royalty-free songs provided by YouTube. It won’t help people who for example play Beat Saber, which was recently shown on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, and videos that have nothing to do with him get claimed. Those who claim manually can also run into trouble: „[We are] evaluating the accuracy of timestamps – failing to provide accurate data is considered a violation of our manual claiming guidelines. Claimants who repeatedly do this will have their access to manual claiming revoked,” YouTube wrote on Twitter.

We’ll still see videos blocked worldwide due to a song portion (PORTION!), even if the uploader has no monetization whatsoever. Some publishers go over the board with these ridiculous blocks.

Source: PCGamer

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