King’s Bounty Returns After Three Decades! [VIDEO]

The first King’s Bounty came out in 1990 – the turn-based strategy continues despite the decades that have passed.

„Offering a fresh take on the acclaimed fantasy series, King’s Bounty II expands upon its tactical turn-based battles to offer players a truly immersive RPG experience that adds weight to their every decision, whether leading an army into battle against unliving horrors or building relations with local townsfolk. Experience a rich world that blends realism and fantasy, filled with compelling stories, memorable characters and moral choices aplenty!

Taking on the mantle of one of three heroes – each with their own unique story – players embark on a non-linear, open-world adventure across a detailed and densely-packed fantasy landscape. Split into two distinct phases, players traverse the realm from a third-person perspective, picking up quests, exploring the wilderness, and getting to know the people they meet. When conflict arises, however, the perspective shifts to tactical, turn-based combat. Players must then make smart use of their units as they fight to win.

Set in the vast realms of Antara, a great danger has arisen. A mysterious blight has descended upon its furthest reaches, corrupting the land and all who live there. Refugees from the affected regions have begun arriving in the kingdom of Nostria, putting food and resources in short supply. Once living souls, blight-distorted creatures now roam the countryside leaving chaos and destruction in their wake. The land itself fights for survival, giving your decisions greater weight than ever before. How will you forge Antara’s future?”, the game’s Steam page reads.

The game will have an interactive and cinematic story where the landscape will matter in combat. There will be a new character development system („As they explore the realm, their stories change as they align themselves with different ideals: Strength, Art, Order, and Anarchy. Not only do these choices affect how NPCs react to them, but they also have a tangible impact on the world.”), and there will be unique unity on the battlefield with humans, elves, trolls, and other creatures.

According to the game’s website, King’s Bounty will be available in three versions. The Knight’s Edition ($59.99) will contain a copy of the game, as well as a digital soundtrack, a digital artbook, and the “Hounds of War” warhorse. The Lord’s Edition ($69.99) will also get you an exclusive preview build, allow you to play the full game three days before launch, and you’ll also get the “Armor of the Devastated” armour, the “King’s Elite Guard” premium pack, the “Flamethrower Guard Golem” unique unit, and the “Armored Princess” shield. The King’s Edition ($99.99) will contain everything so far, as well as an exclusive “Divine Weapons” pack, the “King’s Guard” hounds, the “Flaming Eagle”, the “Heroes and Villains” premium pack, and the “Rage Casket” along with unique questline.

1C Entertainment will release King’s Bounty II in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2020 with support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Simplified Chinese language options.

Source: Gematsu

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